Lommel – All Rocky – Internet Gazet

Lommel – All Rocky – Internet Gazet
Lommel – All Rocky – Internet Gazet

A grown man who doesn’t know what he’s going to be when he grows up. What do you say to that? Well, at most he’s a doubter. Sometimes I still dream of a career as an actor. “It’s never too late,” I can say nicely and then it seems sincere. Telling a story is also quite easy for me. Stage fright lasts exactly three seconds. But still on that stage? Better not.

But sometimes something happens. No one sees it, at most a few housemates.

The following scene occurred when I was rewatching the movie “Rocky” with our youngest one evening. At the end of the boxing match, the very end of the film, Rocky calls out to his wife Adrian. It’s an iconic scene. “Adriaaaaan,” he shouts a few times in succession. (Pronounce it in English, if you want to try.) His wife walks from the back of the room to the boxing ring, loses her cap on the way, but still makes it to the podium. They fall into each other’s arms and say “I love you” to each other. Even though he has lost the battle, love is the real victor.
I was moved again and had no choice but to call out to Adrian like Rocky. “Adriaaaaaaan,” I shouted. Also with a slightly crooked mouth, just like Stallone. Perhaps I was too enthusiastic. A characteristic of the inexperienced actor. My wife woke up and ran down the stairs in panic. She really thought I had gotten something. A heart attack or something.
Meanwhile, our youngest was sitting on the floor laughing his head off. I thought I quickly said “I love you”, but in the meantime she had gone back upstairs. “I thought it was okay,” said our youngest, still on the ground. Oh well, we can’t all be Rocky, right?


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