Jean-Claude Van Damme is ashamed of his cameo in ‘Friends’

Jean-Claude Van Damme is ashamed of his cameo in ‘Friends’
Jean-Claude Van Damme is ashamed of his cameo in ‘Friends’

Many stars packed a cameo Friends. After all, having a supporting role in a popular series is an easy way to gain more fame. This way, viewers could see Tom Selleck and Julia Roberts passing by – and Jean-Claude van Damme.

Jean-Claude van Damme played himself in 1996. In the episode The One After the Super Bowl: Part Two, Rachel and Monica, played by Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, fall in love with him. This causes the ladies to argue over who can go on a date with him.

Pretty embarrassing work
The 63-year-old martial arts specialist Bloodsport and Kickboxer says he is now ashamed of his cameo. He recently told the New York Post here: “My acting is so bad. I look so silly.”

He continued: “I’m ashamed of it. On the set the girls kissed me, also on the lips. I didn’t know what to do. It was strange. They were very nice. They were busy with that show every day and everything went perfectly. It was a well-oiled machine.”

No idea of ​​popularity
Jean-Claude also said that he participated on the advice of his agent, but was not familiar with the series at the time. He wasn’t used to cameos, but he has fond memories of them. The relevant piece can be seen in the YouTube video below from Comedy Central Africa.

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