Al Pacino has to pay a fortune every month to his 29-year-old (ex-)girlfriend

Al Pacino has to pay a fortune every month to his 29-year-old (ex-)girlfriend
Al Pacino has to pay a fortune every month to his 29-year-old (ex-)girlfriend

Al Pacino. — © Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Both strongly dispute that 83-year-old Al Pacino and his much younger girlfriend Noor Alfallah (29) are no longer a couple. Nevertheless, the Hollywood star will pay the woman a hefty monthly alimony amount.

It has been legally established that the amount will be almost 30,000 euros. But if Pacino were to earn more, the alimony amount would also increase. The two lovers welcomed a child earlier this year. Son Roman is now five months old. Pacino and Alfallah have shared custody, although it has been decided that Roman will mainly live with his mother. Pacino visits the child during free moments. They decide together about Roman’s school career and hobbies.

In addition to the above amount, the actor will also pay 103,400 euros to Alfallah to help her care for Roman. In addition, he will put approximately 15,000 euros every year into a fund for later school education and Pacino will also cover all other additional costs.

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Pacino already has three adult children from a previous relationship. It is not clear why the two remain a couple – at least that is what the spokesperson says – but still draw up this alimony arrangement.

Pacino, known for, among other things The godfather, Scent of a woman and Heat, met Alfallah during the corona period. The two were seen together for the first time in April 2022, although this raised eyebrows: the two are no less than 54 years apart.

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