Bridgerton actress Simone Ashley criticized after Monaco GP

Bridgerton actress Simone Ashley criticized after Monaco GP
Bridgerton actress Simone Ashley criticized after Monaco GP

Simone Ashley, the British actress known for her role in the Netflix series Bridgerton, has drawn the ire of Formula 1 fans after she refused to give an interview to Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle. Ashley, whose official name is Simone Ashwini Pillai, was present in the pit lane ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix but, according to her spokesman, did not want to “do any television interviews”. And that went down the wrong way with many Formula 1 fans. This is reported by various American and British media.

Brundle, 62, is a former racer himself and now works as a commentator for Sky Sports. At each race, he walks through the pit lane to interview drivers, team bosses and celebrities in attendance. He is very popular in the sport. When Brundle saw Ashley in the pit lane, he asked her how she liked being present at the race in Monaco, to which her spokesman turned him down. Brundle tried again, but was again turned down. At this he walked away and said, “Whatever.”

According to race fans, Brundle is “a living legend” and such behavior from Ashley is not accepted. “I’m done with all those celebs who are a little interesting at the races but then don’t want to say anything. They only care about their ‘Insta’ pictures and nothing else. Simone probably doesn’t even know the names of the drivers wrote one F1 fan on social media.

Another says: “Can those so-called stars be removed please? We’ve been through situations like this before with Megan Thee Stallion in Austin last year and also two weeks ago in Miami, Brundle was snubbed by star bodyguards who only come there for their own glory. Racing doesn’t need these types of people, because Brundle is the star here and not all those fallen artists who know Formula 1’s balls.”

According to fans, there should only be celebrities who actually care about the sport. “Grey’s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey is a big racing fan and will soon be driving the Le Mans race himself. You can have those kinds of guys around, who also follow all training sessions in addition to the race. But we have actresses who just want to be beautiful not needed here. Better forgive that place to someone who really likes it.”


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