Bitcoin continues to climb, cardano rises faster, luna grabs 200% in 1 day

Bitcoin continues to climb, cardano rises faster, luna grabs 200% in 1 day
Bitcoin continues to climb, cardano rises faster, luna grabs 200% in 1 day

It is another green day in the crypto world, although the price increases seem to be slowing down somewhat. It is therefore the weekend, although the trading volume continues to rise noticeably for the time being. Because bitcoin (BTC) broke out yesterday and rose faster than expected, the sentiment is starting to become a lot more positive.

Meanwhile, some altcoins already seem like a lot fear of missing out (FOMO). This is also noticeable in our Discord environment, where the latest price analyzes are shared. The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies rose 1.7% in the past 24 hours to $1.09 trillion.

Bitcoin price rises 3.3%

The bitcoin price dipped to $18,600 on Wednesday, but started to rise sharply yesterday morning. That led to a spike of $21,600 this morning, but the price has yet to break through.

A lot of resistance around USD 21,500 was already expected. There are a large amount of (whale) orders here and the 50-day exponential moving average is running. Still, bitcoin is up 3.3% today, with the price coming in at $21,350 on Binance and $21,250 on Bitvavo.

Ethereum merge is getting closer

Ethereum (ETH) peaked at $1,740 this morning, its highest price in weeks, but has yet to break through. Despite this, the ether price held above $1,710 this morning and is currently rising towards $1,720. This means that ETH is up 1.7% today.

Meanwhile, the so-called ‘Merge’ is getting closer and closer. Even Google, meanwhile, has a timer:

Cardano rises fastest from top 10

Cardano (ADA) is the fastest riser among the largest crypto today. ADA peaked around $0.524 this morning, but is falling to $0.513 at the time of writing. Despite this, ADA is up 4.2% today. As with Ethereum, that may have come with an upcoming hard fork to make. The ‘Vasil’ update is also getting closer and closer

LUNA rises 200% in a day

The most striking races from the top 100 are of course terra (LUNA) and terra luna classic (LUNC). LUNC is still up 250% from two weeks ago, but is down 17% today.

The new LUNA, on the other hand, is up 195% in a single day! It seems that the volume has skipped from LUNC to LUNA and even 1:1.

Be very careful with this. It seems that the whales are abusing the retail FOMO and manipulating the market. These volatile prices can fall just as hard as they rose. There’s a reason this Terra ecosystem completely collapsed this year.

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