September 9 is also World Electric Vehicle Day in Spain

September 9 is also World Electric Vehicle Day in Spain
September 9 is also World Electric Vehicle Day in Spain

MADRID – Every year on September 9, 2020, the World Electric Vehicle Day has been held to give more attention to zero-emission transport alternatives such as electric vehicles. The sector in Spain is also reflecting on this happy fact, but there is not much to celebrate in Spain yet.

World Electric Vehicle Day is a day when every year on September 9 meetings are held within Europe to pay attention to the electric vehicles. In Spain people are also thinking about this day, but the number of electric cars is still very low, despite the increase in passenger cars sold.

The last eight months have seen a 28% increase in electric cars, but they represent only 7.5% of all vehicles on Spanish roads. In August, sales of electric vehicles increased by 11% compared to the same month in 2021 to 4,682 vehicles. In the first eight months of 2022, 51,804 vehicles were sold.

Until the end of August, 21,276 units were sold for all-electric vehicles (BEVs). If we look at the PHEV’s (plug-in Hybrid) vehicles, 30,528 were sold while the HEV’s (hybrid electric) vehicles were 153,670 units. By comparison, 253,083 petrol vehicles and 176,636 diesel vehicles were sold in Spain through August, according to THIS figures from ANFAC.

A lot still needs to be done in Spain to celebrate a party on September 9 every year. If one wants more 100% electric cars to be sold, many charging stations have to be added.

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