Smart steamer Mealhero is bankrupt

Smart steamer Mealhero is bankrupt
Smart steamer Mealhero is bankrupt

Mealhero, a Ghent start-up that developed a smart steamer with a food subscription, is bankrupt. The website reports that HLN.

Recently, posts have surfaced on Facebook groups of people complaining that they no longer receive their food boxes from Mealhero. And last week, an auction house posted images of Mealhero’s production hall on social media. It also stated that it was looking for a buyer for the trading fund ‘due to bankruptcy’.

Mealhero launched a self-developed, smart steamer. It could automatically heat specially prepared frozen meals, which were delivered to home via a subscription formula, into a ready-made dish. In a review, late last year, mentioned The standard it still ‘an alternative to Dr. Oetker’ (DS 18 Dec 2021).

Jeroen Spitaels, founder and CEO of the company, has meanwhile confirmed to HLN Mealhero put the books down.

The State Secretary for Consumer Protection, Eva De Bleeker (Open VLD), calls on customers of the company ‘to immediately suspend their domiciliation and contact the appointed curator’. Anyone who paid for meals and never received them must report to the trustee as a creditor, according to De Bleeker, also to arrange the return of the steamer. (class)

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