LUNA classic 150% in the plus and more important crypto news

LUNA classic 150% in the plus and more important crypto news
LUNA classic 150% in the plus and more important crypto news

The week is over and it was another one with a lot of interesting crypto news! To get you well prepared for the start of the new week, you can read the three biggest crypto events of the past week in this article. Starting with the bizarre rise of luna classic

Luna classic to the moon: 150% in the plus

Many of us might not have expected it, but luna classic (LUNC) has appreciated extremely hard this week. The altcoin, which is a remnant of the collapsed Terra network, gained momentum about a week ago. During the week, LUNC’s share price was 150% in the green at its peak!

However, since this peak, LUNC has again been value-corrected by 24%. The reason why LUNC was able to rise so fast seems to have to do with two factors. First, the network recently implemented a major update that allows LUNC holders to keep their crypto to strike. Second, a proposal was submitted this week by Edward Kim to impose a 1.2% tax on all transactions within the network and then destroy them.

All this has led some investors to expect a further rise in the LUNC price. Time will tell whether this will actually happen. However, it is important to be vigilant now that LUNC has appreciated so much.

Ethereum Merge is coming, what should you do?

This week also started a new month, the month in which Ethereum (ETH) will finally implement the Merge. From then on, Ethereum will no longer have miners and ETH holders will be able to stake their crypto.

The network will therefore take a big step. This is expected to be completed by September 15. What do you as an ETH owner need to do to prepare for this event? As you can read in this article, you really don’t have to do much, other than being aware that the Merge is going to take place. This will, for example, temporarily pause withdrawals at exchanges such as Bitvavo.

Cardano also in the spotlight this month with activation Vasil update

And not only Ethereum is going to implement a major update, so is its great rival Cardano (ADA). Cardano news reported that the network recently announced that Vasil will be activated on September 22. Vasil will bring major improvements in transaction costs and speeds. In short, we have an exciting month ahead of us!

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