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Telecom Agency starts research into cybersecurity solar inverters – IT Pro – News

Telecom Agency starts research into cybersecurity solar inverters – IT Pro – News
Telecom Agency starts research into cybersecurity solar inverters – IT Pro – News

The Dutch Telecom Agency has launched an investigation into the cyber security of inverters at solar panels. According to the Minister for Climate and Energy, inverters can pose a risk to the electricity grid if they are poorly secured and can be controlled on a large scale.

The Telecom Agency will enter into discussions with manufacturers of inverters for solar panels and examine how improvements can be made to the cybersecurity of these devices. According to the Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy Rob Jetten, the manufacturers and suppliers of IoT devices, which include inverters for solar panels, have an important responsibility with regard to the safety and reliability of the Dutch electricity grid.

According to the minister, the Dutch government is currently focusing on prevention, awareness and additional European legislation to reduce potential security risks with inverters and other IoT equipment. The minister refers, for example, to the European Radio Equipment Directive that has implemented the cybersecurity requirements for radio-controlled and telecom devices sold on the European market. In addition, the minister also refers to the European Cyber ​​Resilience Act, which should introduce common cybersecurity rules for manufacturers and sellers of digital products or services.

The investigation by the Telecom Agency comes after the Dutch hacker Jelle Ursem gained access to the systems of Solarman, a Chinese company that supplies monitoring software for inverters for solar panels, at the end of July. Ursem, who is known on Tweakers as SchizoDuckie, found the login details of the Solarman monitor system via Github and thus gained access to the admin portal of the monitor software.

The hacker was able to view the personal data of Dutch customers, create new customers and delete existing users of Solarman services. He was also able to find out how much electricity customers’ solar panels generate via GPS coordinates, and download, adjust and upload inverter firmware. According to Ursem, it was possible to switch off or disable the solar panels from a distance. That was also possible from China. According to the hacker, Solarman’s customer data was also sent to China, which is in violation of the GDPR. The leak at Solarman is said to have been closed by now.

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