Rising energy prices make second home in Spain more interesting

Rising energy prices make second home in Spain more interesting
Rising energy prices make second home in Spain more interesting

ALICANTE – Sales of Spanish homes to Belgians reached their all-time high in the first half of 2022, according to statistics from the Association of Spanish Notaries. Recent energy price increases mean that a decrease in the purchase of Spanish real estate by Belgians is not immediately to be expected, says Leen Vermeulen, director of Hip Estates.

The real estate specialist for Spain, like other real estate agents, got very busy after the lockdowns of the covid crisis. A second stay in Spain became even more attractive. People wanted to enjoy life, which was already cheaper in Spain, and working from home became fully established. Despite the recent rise in house prices, caused by delayed construction projects and scarcity of properties, Hip Estates expects no decrease in sales to Belgians next winter.

Energy prices are swinging by us and it promises to be an expensive winter, despite the government’s concessions. Life is a lot cheaper in Spain, explains Leen Vermeulen of Hip Estates: ‘With an average of 6 hours of sunshine per day from November to February, the temperatures are very pleasant. In the new-build homes with floor-to-ceiling double glazing, you don’t have to use the heating very often in winter. Energy prices have remained the same here in recent years, because many owners have a fixed energy contract. In addition, consumer prices in shops, restaurants and bars are also much lower than in Belgium.’

After an earlier VAT reduction on electricity, the Spanish government yesterday announced a reduction in the levy on natural gas from 21% to 5% (1% lower than ours), for the time being until December 31, 2022.

According to the statistics of the Association of Spanish Notaries, sales of Spanish homes to Belgians reached the highest peak ever in the first half of 2022. Belgians bought 1,175 homes in the previous quarter, no less than 13 homes per day in Spain. This is an increase of +63.6% compared to the same period last year, when sales returned to normal levels of 2018-2019. For the time being, according to Hip Estates, there does not seem to be a reversal trend.

About Hip Estates

The Belgian real estate office Hip Estates, a BIV-recognized broker, has an information office in Schilde and a model villa in Alicante. Hip Estates has been around for 25 years and its mission is to make ‘your dream in Spain’ come true. Thanks to these years of experience and the very personal contact with construction promoters and customers, Hip Estates can safely call itself the real estate specialist for Spain. Read more information and offers HERE.

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