Free surfing on public Wi-Fi: these risks you run | MyGuide

Free surfing on public Wi-Fi: these risks you run | MyGuide
Free surfing on public Wi-Fi: these risks you run | MyGuide

mining coOn the street, in a cafe or during a stopover by car: you will come across a public Wi-Fi network everywhere. Handy if you want to quickly check the emails, especially because you save mobile data that way. But it is not entirely without danger. Hackers can use the network to steal your data. investigates the dangers and lists the cheapest mobile subscriptions with a lot of data – the ideal, safe alternative.

By Mathias Mariën, in collaboration with Mijntelco

02-09-22, 10:01

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Wifi is available everywhere these days. In densely populated areas or places where many people come together – think of hotels, cafes or shopping centers – you can easily surf on a public Wi-Fi network. Handy, such a free internet connection, although vigilance is advised.

After all, such a public network is available to everyone. If you don’t need a password, everyone has access, even people with bad intentions. Hackers can use the network to steal your data. They position themselves between your device and the Wi-Fi network and closely monitor all your transactions. That way they can intercept your data traffic, such as emails and passwords.

Is your home WiFi network secured enough? That way you outsmart hackers.

Limit your online actions

And there are still pitfalls. Hackers can also set up a public network themselves to make it even easier to obtain sensitive information. The name of the network does not provide absolute certainty about its owner. Anyone who surfs on a public Wi-Fi network is therefore better off limiting what he does on it. It is best not to make payments via your bank app, to avoid any risk.

No choice but to use the public network? In that case, be sure to ask – for example with the staff of the company – what the exact name of the network is. This way you avoid surfing on a fake network, controlled by hackers. In addition, make sure you install the latest security updates on your devices.

The best alternative? Mobile data

This is your operator’s mobile network and still offers the most security if you cannot use a secured WiFi network, especially for banking transactions or logging into your mailbox. In that case, a bundle with sufficient mobile data is of course a must.

A lot of data does not automatically have to symbolize a high invoice, according to a review by Those who want a lot of mobile data – we assume a subscription with at least 20 GB – can opt for a formula from 22 euros (Youfone). If you want an unlimited number of calling minutes, you pay 25 euros with the same operator.

Price breaker hey! – an online brand of Orange – does even better: for 25 euros you get 40 GB of mobile data, in combination with unlimited calls. hey! is in direct competition with Mobile Vikings. There you pay 29 euros for 50 GB. Is 10 GB of mobile data enough? Then the prices start from 12 euros.

Overview: These are currently the 10 cheapest plans with at least 20 GB of mobile data.


Comparing can be harmful, especially given the increasing competition in the mobile market. As a result, operators often offer interesting promotions or adjust their packages – for example by providing more data. Because the majority of contracts have no fixed duration, you can also switch quickly and easily.

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