California asks residents not to charge and just relieve electric cars | Abroad

California asks residents not to charge and just relieve electric cars | Abroad
California asks residents not to charge and just relieve electric cars | Abroad

The US state of California on Wednesday called on its residents not to charge electric cars. This measure is intended to relieve the electricity grid, which is being hit hard by a heat wave in the western US. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency over the heat on Wednesday. Temperatures of more than 43 degrees are expected to be measured in the coming week and heat records will be broken.

The high temperatures that are expected will put further pressure on the power grid, because air conditioning units are being used en masse. Declaring a state of emergency gives electricity producers more space to generate electricity. For example, restrictions on fuel consumption and air quality requirements are temporarily suspended. On the other hand, measures can be taken to limit electricity consumption. “Consumers are being asked to limit their energy consumption between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., when the system is under the greatest strain,” the authorities said. They are asked to set the temperature in the home to 25 degrees or higher, not to use large electrical appliances or to charge electric cars and to extinguish unnecessary lighting.

The call not to charge electric cars has been the target of ridicule on social media as the state of California just announced to ban the sale of new combustion engine cars from 2035.

Because California is also struggling with drought, many hydroelectric plants are currently not running at full capacity. As a result, electricity production is lower than normal. The entire west coast will be affected by the heat in the coming days, which will prevent the import of electricity from neighboring states.

“This is just the last reminder of how serious the climate crisis is and how it affects the everyday lives of Californians,” Governor Newsom said when he announced the state of emergency. According to meteorologists, the heat wave will last until September 6.

California Governor Gavin Newsom. © ANP / EPA

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