Car key stolen or lost? Your insurance (does not) cover these costs | MyGuide

Car key stolen or lost? Your insurance (does not) cover these costs | MyGuide
Car key stolen or lost? Your insurance (does not) cover these costs | MyGuide

IndependentTo lose is human. Suppose that on the way to your car in the parking garage you suddenly notice that you have lost your key. What do you have to do then ? And will your insurer help you reimburse the costs? provides advice.

Your car key, key card or key alarm are the starting point of every journey. Losing it or simply having an empty battery can cause a lot of problems. But what actions should you take if it happens to you?

Lost your key? With these five tips you can reduce the risk of burglary or damage to your car.

Lost key

1. Theft
If you suspect that your key has been stolen, be sure to stay with your car, whether it is in a parking lot or at the supermarket. Professional thieves can quickly track your vehicle using the remote control.

Call the police and your insurer immediately and report the (suspected) theft. You also have a report (PV) that you can hand over to your insurer. This can tell you what steps you need to take next. For example, he can ask that you have the locks of the car adjusted at your dealer so that others cannot drive away with it. Or maybe you just need to have an extra key made. In any case, wait for the insurer’s permission to have your keys replaced.

2. Loss
If you suspect that your key has not been stolen, call your garage. If you do not need the car urgently, you can request a new key after providing the chassis number and registration certificate. You can have an additional key made using the code stated on the original purchase invoice for the car.

Most modern car keys are equipped with an immobilizer code. Having a duplicate made of such a key with a transponder costs a lot more than a regular key. Not only must the code be placed on the chip in the key, it must also be read into the on-board computer to start your vehicle again.

And what about your lost house keys: what if you have to call a (often expensive) locksmith?

Empty battery

A keyless starting system is extremely useful… until the battery dies. Fortunately, most models still have a physical emergency key hidden in the digital key, with which you can open the door. But what if you no longer have a classic keyhole on your car door? There is often a keyhole hidden under a cap next to or near the handle. Unclip this cap and you will see a normal keyhole that you can use.

You have now opened the door, but if the remote control battery is empty, the vehicle often no longer recognizes that the key is present. That is precisely why some cars have a recess that you can use, where the emergency key fits. On still other models, you must hold the key with a dead battery against a marked spot on the steering column or near the starter button before your car can start. Consult the instruction booklet to find out what applies to your model. If you get the car running, drive by the garage for a new battery for your remote control, or replace it yourself.

What costs will your insurer reimburse?

Unfortunately, the loss of your key is not covered by most insurance policies. So you are responsible for the (replacement) costs yourself. What is covered is the theft of your car keys. At least, if you have a small comprehensive or a full comprehensive. The insurer will then reimburse the costs you incur to replace your keys, as well as the replacement keys themselves. The report that the police draws up after you have reported the theft is indispensable for this.

BA, mini comprehensive or full comprehensive? This is how you choose the right car insurance.

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