Bpost unions submit strike notices

Bpost unions submit strike notices
Bpost unions submit strike notices


The Bpost unions have submitted a strike notice for Thursday, February 8. The intention is not to completely paralyze the company.

The unions are very concerned about the further development of the newspaper concession file. They want to send a signal to the management of the post and to the government that things cannot continue like this. Both ACV and ACOD say that it is not the intention to actually strike. However, a demonstration will be held at Bpost’s head office and an open letter will be published to address the grievances. On the Walloon side, the chance of a strike is greater.

The government decided at the end of last year to end the newspaper concession and let the market play its role. Bpost will receive another 75 million euros in the next six months to continue the distribution. In the meantime, the media houses and distributors have to negotiate. The postal unions are concerned that the other candidates, the companies PPP and Proximy, work with subcontractors in precarious working conditions. This makes them cheaper than the postal service, which works with full-fledged contracts. Moreover, the fear is that PPP and Proximy do not have the logistical strength to properly distribute. (agy)

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