Colorful Ford Mustang is white as standard

Colorful Ford Mustang is white as standard
Colorful Ford Mustang is white as standard

Ford Mustang GT Fastback – €131,900

The automotive landscape is not getting any more colorful with one electric SUV after another being launched onto the market. In that respect, the brand new Ford Mustang provides some colorful variety, with its 5.0 V8. The BPM gives Ford enough reason not to offer it in the Netherlands, but the brand is doing well anyway. We take our hats off for that. With a starting price of €131,900, the Mustang is no less than €73,000 more expensive here than our southern neighbors and exactly €72,000 more expensive than in Germany. Swallow.

Once you have decided that you want a new Mustang so badly that you are going to order one, it may be a bit of a shock to see that it does not even have a color for almost € 132,000. The GT (with manual gearbox, with the automatic transmission is €4,500 more expensive) is painted in Oxford White unicoat as standard. If you want a color, you will spend at least €550 extra. Of course, that’s not too bad in proportion. For that money you can get it in the red Race Red unicoat. For at least €1,100 you can choose from metallic paints. Then you have Atlas Blue and two black tones, two gray tones and the vibrant Yellow Splash as options. The most expensive colors (€1,600 surcharge) are the flashy Grabber Blue, Lucid Red and Vapor Blue. In the interior you are treated to black leather upholstery as standard. If you want that on Recaro sports seats, you will spend €1,800.

A fairly dark whole, but you can’t get more color

The Mustang also comes standard with 19-inch alloys. If that wheel design does not appeal to you, you can go for another set of forged aluminum wheels, also 19 inches, for an extra €1,150. For a bit more color behind the wheels, you can get the Brembo brake calipers in red, with the Brembo logo in white. The price: €450. Finally, adaptive MagneRide damping is available for an additional charge of €2,000. That’s it in terms of options for the ‘basic’ Mustang. A clear options list, but all in all you can increase the price of the GT Fastback to € 138,900. A tan would do it good, so unless you love white, we would recommend it. At such a high price it doesn’t really make a difference anymore. The red brake calipers also secretly do a lot.

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