Flanders is planning four new disrupted zones

Flanders is planning four new disrupted zones
Flanders is planning four new disrupted zones

“We note that the economic uncertainty of the past period has unfortunately led to major restructuring in various parts of Flanders,” said Minister Brouns. “There were redundancies at Sappi, Signify, Balta and Ideal, among others, often with a major impact on the affected employees and their families.”

Flanders currently has three disrupted zones (around Genk, Turnhout and Vilvoorde). In these zones, SMEs and large companies are exempt from 25 percent of the withholding tax payment for two years on investments involving new recruitment.

The disrupted zones were extended in the autumn of 2022 due to the energy crisis, but for Genk and Turnhout this period expires at the end of October 2024. That is why Minister Brouns is now starting the registration for four new zones. “These new zones will enable a reduction in wage costs for the next six years for companies that invest and create new jobs,” Brouns said.

The four new zones are located in Limburg (zone around Lanaken), the Kempen (zone around Turnhout-Beerse), the Antwerp-Brussels axis (zone near the City of Antwerp and zone in Machelen-Vilvoorde) and West Flanders (zone around Wielsbeke). ) and will have a term of six years.

The intention is that the new disrupted zones can come into effect by November 1, 2024 at the latest.

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