Strikes in Europe, air traffic, public transport, government institutions

Strikes in Europe, air traffic, public transport, government institutions
Strikes in Europe, air traffic, public transport, government institutions
February 1, 2024

Overview of (announced) strikes/actions in Europe causing inconvenience to traffic/transport. This page keeps track of whether there is a strike in Europe on a daily basis.

For example, is traffic expected on the road due to actions or strikes? Then use the ANWB Onderweg app. This also allows you to navigate abroad, avoid traffic jams and roadworks, search for the cheapest fuel, find charging stations, view toll costs or report a breakdown online.

Belgium & France

Roadblocks due to farmers’ actions
In Belgium and France Several highways and roads are closed due to farmers’ actions.

Situation Belgium
In Belgium, road blocks are (planned) by protesting farmers. Check the current traffic information to see which roads are closed. In any case, there are blockages in Brussels, Aalter and Halle. In addition, the Belgian police are calling on motorists not to drive via/through Brussels on Thursday due to these farmers’ actions and the European summit on Thursday, February 1.

Situation France
In France, many highways are blocked by farmers’ blockades. Since Monday, January 29, several access roads to Paris have also been blocked.

Please note that blockages can be suddenly removed or raised again. So consult the traffic information before departure or the ANWB Onderweg app along the way.

For the current road situation in Belgium and France follow:
ANWB Traffic Information Belgium
ANWB Traffic information France
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Map (overview) with closed roads in France


Airport and public transport promotions

There will be a strike at German airports from Wednesday evening, January 31, 10 p.m. to Thursday, February 1. Almost all airports, with the exception of Munich, are expected to be closed.

On Friday, February 2, city and regional transport employees will strike in Germany.

Source: ANWB Traffic Information/ANP/

Questions about your ANWB insurance in the event of a delayed or canceled flight

Unfortunately, due to crowds at Schiphol and other airports, travelers regularly face long queues and even canceled flights. View the answers to frequently asked questions about travel and cancellation insurance.
Frequently asked questions about delayed and canceled flights

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