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Toyota and Tesla winners

The calendar has now turned to February and that means we can look back at how the car market behaved in the Netherlands last month. What seems? More new passenger cars have been registered than in January last year and electric cars are gaining significant ground.

In January this year, 34,477 new passenger cars were registered in the Netherlands. This is evident from figures from Bovag, RAI Association and RDC. These almost 35,000 cars were a neat 5.5 percent more than in January last year. In January 2023, 32,666 new cars were registered.

Fuel type Number Market share
1 Hybrid 15,107 43.9%
2 Petrol 10,175 29.5%
3 Electric 8,713 25.3%
4 Diesel 263 0.76%
5 LPG 219 0.64%

It is striking that one in four new cars that received a license plate in January this year was a fully electric one. EVs accounted for a market share of 25.3 percent. For comparison: electric cars still had a market share of just under 16 percent in January 2023. Not only did EVs gain ground in January, hybrid cars (mild-hybrid, hybrid and plug-in hybrid) also claimed a larger slice of the sales pie. The market share of hybrid cars increased from 36 percent in January 2023 to almost 44 percent this year. The share of petrol cars actually decreased sharply, from 46.9 percent in January 2023 to 29.5 percent last month. The diesel market is shrinking further. With a market share of only 0.76 percent in the Netherlands, diesel cars only play an extremely marginal role.

Most popular car brands in the Netherlands, January 2024

Brand Number Market share
1 Toyota 2,896 8.4%
2 Hyundai 2,687 7.8%
3 Skoda 2,629 7.6%
4 Volkswagen 2,534 7.4%
5 Volvo 2,315 6.7%

Toyota and Tesla as winners

Toyota was the brand with the most new cars registered in January. It sold for 2,896 units. This gave Toyota a share of 8.4 percent of the market. The most popular Toyota was the Yaris Cross (734 units), followed by the Yaris (608 units) and the Aygo X (578 units). Hyundai is in second place with 2,687 registered cars, followed by Skoda, Volkswagen and Volvo in third, fourth and fifth places respectively. The Tesla Model Y was again the most popular new car in the Netherlands. 1,141 of them were registered (market share: 3.3 percent). In places two to five we successively encounter the Volvo XC40 Recharge, Hyundai Kona Electric, Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Polo. The high position of the Octavia is particularly surprising. We didn’t see the Czech in the Top 5 for a long time.

Most popular cars in the Netherlands, January 2024

Brand Fashion model Number Market share
1 Tesla Model Y 1,141 3.3%
2 Volvo XC40 1,137 3%
3 Hyundai Kona 877 2.5%
4 Skoda Octavia 786 2.3%
5 Volkswagen Polo 739 2.1%

Of course, the Tesla Model Y was also the most popular electric car in January. 13.1 percent of all new electric cars registered in January were Model Ys. The Volvo XC40 Recharge is breathing down its neck with 1,137 units (market share: 13 percent). In third place is – at a considerable distance – the Model 3 with 458 registrations. The Top 5 is completed by the Jeep Avenger and the Skoda Enyaq.

Most popular electric cars in the Netherlands, January 2024

Brand Fashion model Number Market share
1 Tesla Model Y 1,141 13.1%
2 Volvo XC40 Recharge 1,137 13%
3 Tesla Model 3 458 5.4%
4 Jeep Avenger 427 4.9%
5 Skoda Enyaq 452 4%

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