European dividend on its way to a new record

European dividend on its way to a new record
European dividend on its way to a new record

The investor consensus is clear and quite positive
Natixis IM has compared the stock market views of several financial institutions and thus compiled a consensus. The consensus is positive on American equities, bonds and alternatives and negative on cash and American high yield. The biggest risk is and remains more inflation than expected.

Three American election myths debunked
2024 is also the year of the American presidential election. There is a good chance that Biden and Trump will face each other again. Madison Faller, Head of Market Intelligence at JP Morgan Private Bank, debunks three persistent stock market myths about the American elections.

No, American interest rates will not fall in March
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has ruled out cutting US policy rates in March. Read the comments in a CNBC article.

“Dividend payments in Europe will reach a new record in 2024”
Companies in Europe are generous to shareholders: the more than 400 companies in the MSCI Europe index paid out a record amount of €407 billion in dividends last year. They will likely surpass that record in 2024 and next year, Allianz Global Investors expects.
Belgian and Dutch companies pay out less on average than companies in the rest of Europe. “In Belgium, the dividend yield is 2.87%. According to Allianz, this will amount to 3.10% next year. In the Netherlands, an average of 2.53% was measured in 2023 and that is expected to rise to 2.60% this year.” If you want to be richly endowed, you have to look in Norway.

Dividend portfolio example
For those who want to generate income with dividends without taking too much risk, Morningstar has put together a model dividend portfolio.

New Year’s gift from the Chinese central bank
But according to Fidelity International, the big bazooka that can really take the Chinese economy along has not yet materialized. First, the Fed will have to transform from a hawk to a dove.

The AI ​​battle between Microfoft and Alphabet
The two companies are in a fierce battle for AI power. For the time being, Microsoft has a head start, but Alphabet is catching up. RTL Z report.

American small caps are not cheap at all

How to prepare for new inflation?
Lucrezia Reichlin for Project Syndicate: “There is good reason to believe that temporary increases in inflation, driven by large swings in relative prices, will become more common. In this new era, how policymakers think about inflation must apply the lessons of past experience to current price conditions and, on that basis, attempt to anticipate what the future may hold.”

Investors will really have to take global warming into account

Inflation is falling less than hoped
Dutch inflation stood at 3.2 percent in January, 3.5 percent excluding energy, according to the first rapid estimate from Statistics Netherlands.

Stubbornness pays off
Institutional investors who operate on their own often do better in the long term than large investors who are open to outside influence, research shows. “The more connected institutions tend to create a short-term trend in share prices, so they get a boost to their returns for the next three to six months. But once the herd effect subsidies, the return expectation for investments made by more connected institutions are lower and they start to underperform over time horizons of one year or more.” Read Joachim Klement’s column.

20 years of investing with Warren Bufett

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