Non-smokers get 6 extra days of vacation

Non-smokers get 6 extra days of vacation
Non-smokers get 6 extra days of vacation

We provide some context about the rationale behind the decision. Everyone can imagine a workplace with a group of smokers and their non-smoking counterparts. Do smokers more often take a short break to smoke outside? Yes. Do non-smokers also take those moments? Unfortunately not.

It is precisely for that reason that the Japanese Piala Inc. made the choice to also give non-smokers free moments, without suddenly starting to smoke.

Reward versus punish

The additional goal? The rule should make smokers think. Six nice vacation days in exchange for terminating you smoke streak in the workplace. With that approach, the idea is quite well received. But of course critics also appear in this debate.

To many, this measure seems like an outright punishment for smokers. Nonsense according to company CEO Takao Asuka. He hopes to encourage employees to quit smoking by providing incentives instead of punishment.

As a result of the measures, smokers will not suddenly receive fewer days of leave than legally prescribed. Making healthy choices simply provides extra days off in this company.

Benefits of a smoke-free workspace

The fewer employees smoke, the better, right? The benefits form a nice list for the entire workplace.

  • You avoid passive smoking for non-smokers. Even though people smoke outdoors, the impact of passive smoking should not be underestimated.
  • You move actively focuses on the health of all employees in the workplace, not just from smokers.
  • Healthy employees care more productivity. Not only are they less likely to be absent due to illness, when they are at work they ensure better results.
  • Healthy employees don’t just deliver… more positive working environment on, but also a positive image. And this applies to both employees and customers.

Innovative decisiveness

Putting aside all the pros and cons, the initiative does testify to the decisiveness of the Japanese company. In Japan, approximately 22% of the population smokes, and among working people it is even as high as 35%.

No wonder that companies are looking for innovative ways to tackle the addiction problem. Whether the rule would also be well received in our country remains a big question mark. To be continued?


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