Hyundai Kona Electric vs. Honda e:Ny1 – Double test

AutoWeek 45 2023

AutoWeek 45 2023

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After a first attempt with the playful E, Honda now comes with an EV with the special name e:Ny1. He must come from a good background to make life difficult for the new, second generation Hyunda Kona Electric.

Honda already had the E, will the brand finally accelerate with electric cars?

Honda announced earlier this year that there will be no successor to the E, which made its debut in the autumn of 2019. Now the brand is taking it a step higher and the specifications of the e:NY1 don’t look bad. With its size, it fits into the segment of the Hyundai Kona, VW ID.3 and BYD Atto 3, among others.

Isn’t the Honda e:NY1 just an electric HR-V?

Anyone who is familiar with Honda models will immediately say that the new EV looks exactly like the HR-V and that is exactly right. The e:NY1 is 5 cm longer and if you look closely at both models in profile, you will see that the difference is in the nose. Logically, that’s where the charging opening is located on the electric version. In addition, you can see the battery pack hanging under the car, which reduces the ground clearance by 5 cm compared to the HR-V. What also died due to electrification are those damn handy ones magic seats in the back. The battery is partly located under the back seat and the front seats, as we know from, for example, the Peugeot e208. With the recent experiences of the fantastic driving Civic endurance tester in mind, expectations are high.

Is the new Hyundai Kona Electric much different from the first?

Hyundai shook up the EV world in 2018 with the first Kona Eectric. The version with the large battery had a WLTP range of 449 km (even 484 km from mid-2020), together with the technically identical Kia e-Niro. We now know from experience that around 400 km is almost always possible with that first Kona, something that at that time was still reserved for an expensive Tesla Model S. In combination with the extremely low tax addition for a fully electric car at the time. dealers of both brands were able to distribute these two EVs. We have now arrived at the second generation of Kona. The technical news is not spectacular, the carriage became a bit larger, the interior is nicer and in terms of safety, assistance and infotainment everything is up to date again.

In this double test we examine all the properties of the two electric SUVs. There is no PDF linked to this story because we also included a Renault Megane E-Tech Electric for the comparison test in the magazine. That story is in AutoWeek 45, which is in stores until Wednesday, November 15.

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