Knoops continues growth: company X6 in 1 year

Knoops continues growth: company X6 in 1 year
Knoops continues growth: company X6 in 1 year

A doubling of the workforce and a sixfold increase in production capacity in 1 year, with an additional investment program of 5 million euros still ahead: yes, things are going well for SC-Steelframes from Houthalen-Helchteren. “We really have the wind in our sails,” says Davy Knoops, manager of the manufacturer of modular homes. “But we keep both feet on the ground!”

“Compared to last year, we will indeed increase our turnover sixfold in 2023,” says Davy Knoops, who was crowned Promising Entrepreneur of the province of Limburg last year. “This is due to both the increasing number of orders and the larger size of the orders. The direct consequence is that we had to increase production capacity. On our existing site we have added 2,500 m2 and invested in additional machines, so that we have 2 instead of 2 homes per week, we can now produce 2 homes per day. This gives us the opportunity to build approximately 500 modules per year in our workshops from 2024. Our people are ready for it. The team has grown from 24 to 53 employees and there will probably be many more to come.”

SC-Steelframes wants to focus on larger projects. “If we can deliver 10, 50, 100 or 200 homes simultaneously, then we are in our element,” says Davy Knoops. “Consider holiday parks, student housing, social housing or emergency villages. Moreover, we have a solution to quickly and properly solve the general need for quality housing. We feel that governments are gradually becoming convinced that modular applications can provide a solution here.”

So for 2024 it will be all hands on deck again for Knoops & Co. “We have once again prepared 5 million euros to create additional capacity. We therefore want to further strengthen our market position. The future smiles upon us… but we will keep our feet firmly on the ground!”

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