“Install an ‘outdoor sensor’ and avoid direct sunlight”: smart tips for the ideal placement of your thermostat | MyGuide

“Install an ‘outdoor sensor’ and avoid direct sunlight”: smart tips for the ideal placement of your thermostat | MyGuide
“Install an ‘outdoor sensor’ and avoid direct sunlight”: smart tips for the ideal placement of your thermostat | MyGuide

Mining energyThe location of the thermostat is important for the comfort of the residents and for optimal energy consumption. Although most people usually have few questions about it, things often go wrong in this area. Mijnenergie.be asked Yannick De Mol, Sales Engineer Projects at Vaillant, about the most important do’s and don’ts.

By Kurt Deman, in collaboration with Mijnenergie

10-11-23, 07:37


Use a reference space

“The placement of the thermostat is important for the comfort of the residents. Incorrect placement results in an incorrect measurement of the room temperature,” the expert explains.

He recommends placing the thermostat in a reference room. “By this we mean the room where the residents stay most often, for example in the living room.” Yannick De Mol does not think placing the thermostat in the hall, the kitchen, a storage room or laundry room is a good idea. “There is no permanent occupancy in those rooms or there are appliances that generate a lot of heat themselves, such as the washing machine and dryer or the oven and hob. You should also absolutely avoid placing it on an outside wall or in direct sunlight.”

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Choose the same brand

Despite these clear rules of thumb, things often go wrong in practice. “In some cases, external factors intervene on the thermostat, resulting in a home that is too cold or too warm. For example, the thermostat will be placed in sunlight. Then the device wrongly thinks that the room is warm enough.”

“We always recommend using a thermostat and boiler from the same brand. The thermostat communicates ‘in the same language’ with the boiler. A thermostat from another brand will not always function optimally.”

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Install an outdoor sensor

What families pay too little attention to, according to Yannick De Mol, is installing an ‘outdoor sensor’. “This device measures the outside temperature and, based on a heating curve, will determine what temperature the boiler should send to the underfloor heating or to the radiators.”

“For example, at -10 °C, a heating curve of 1.2 and a required room temperature of 21 °C, 65 °C will be sent to the radiators. For example, if it is 5°C outside, and we still want 21°C inside, then 55°C will be sent to the radiators. This means that the central heating boiler will have to produce much lower temperatures and will therefore operate more economically.”

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An outdoor sensor. © Danny Gys

Difference between up and down

In families that have a stove or fireplace, the temperature on the top floor often differs greatly from the temperature downstairs. “Different solutions are possible here. Installing a second heating circuit, connected to a separate thermostat, is an option.”

“You can also install thermostatic radiator heads, which shut off automatically when a room reaches the required temperature. A wireless thermostat is also a good solution. Then you turn off the radiators – this is done automatically with thermostatic radiator heads – in the room where the fireplace is located,” concludes De Mol.

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