Disney+ added 7 million new subscribers, has the lowest loss since 2020 – IT Pro – News

Disney+ added 7 million new subscribers, has the lowest loss since 2020 – IT Pro – News
Disney+ added 7 million new subscribers, has the lowest loss since 2020 – IT Pro – News

You sound so very rational, but he said;

other excessive politics

It seems like you’re choosing to ignore the word “exaggerated.” And that’s exactly what it is today. Highly exaggerated. It is not ‘incorporated’, it is dominant. Everything revolves around that nowadays. Many of those things don’t even have a storyline anymore except “I’m different, look at me being different”… And even then it’s often hugely exaggerated. In addition, it has also become apparent that if they do this, even the target group that supposedly wants this, always has something to complain about. It’s never good.

In addition, you mention BLM as if it is something positive. BLM has been nothing but an underhanded money trick to make the people behind it rich. In fact, hasn’t BLM been officially recognized as a terrorist organization in the meantime? And if it’s not official yet, doesn’t it say enough that it’s up for discussion? Who are you, or Disney, to say “Everyone is wrong, I’m right, so we have to shove this down their throats”? Sounds like arrogance, imho. And the fact that Disney has flop after flop to deal with right now is a nice testament to how the distribution actually is. Nobody is waiting for it. Especially when you are talking about children’s programming, all this (which seems to be mainly kinks and sex-related, because it is almost entirely about sexuality) should simply not be acceptable. This is political and has no place in children’s programming. Just let children be children.

In addition, it just takes you out of a story if one person of a twin is black and the other is not. That’s just not how twins work.

Edit: A good example of this, by the way, was Netflix’s “Sex Education”. This was a series that was often highly praised, woke as fuck. It dealt with these types of topics and was well received… Until season 4, where they went overboard… Very poorly received. How surprising.

Edit 2: And let’s not pretend that Disney does what you want. They do this in the West, where we are already very accepting towards the people you are referring to, but keep all these things far away from non-Western countries. This is about nothing other than money. It is naive to think that giant corporations like Disney have a moral compass.

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