Heinz launches ketchup with pickle flavor

Heinz launches ketchup with pickle flavor
Heinz launches ketchup with pickle flavor

The well-known sauce brand Heinz comes with a surprising new flavor. From early next year you will be able to find pickle ketchup on store shelves.

Pickle flavored ketchup. It may sound a bit bizarre, but Heinz’s new flavor is actually not that surprising. You can now find pickles and ketchup together on just about every hamburger or hot dog.

The new sauce will be available in Europe, and therefore also in Belgium, from March, the company confirms to our editors. Called ‘Pickle Ketchup’, the new ketchup flavor will combine the “spicy and savory taste” of pickles with the “unmistakable taste” of Heinz ketchup.

In a statement Monday, the company said the seasoning was created to “satisfy fans’ appetite for unique, elevated and nuanced flavor experiences.” The appeal for pickles is strong, according to research Heinz cites, with 73 percent of Americans reporting “they enjoy the taste of pickles.”

It is not the first time that Heinz has launched a special ketchup. In the past, the sauce manufacturer has already marketed purple, pink, orange and green ketchup. This often involved promotional stunts. For example, the green ketchup came about as a result of the film Shrek. Those colored ketchups turned out not to be a huge success when the public discovered that a lot of coloring agents were involved.


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