Federal government plans to issue a new government bond


by Niels Saelens
published on Tuesday November 7, 2023 to 16:57
4 min read

The one-year government voucher launched by the federal government in September was an overwhelming success. In December, the government wants to raise money again from the Belgian population. It is not yet clear whether the term will also be one year this time.

Why is this important?

Vincent Van Peteghem (CD&V), Minister of Finance, launched a one-year government bond at the beginning of September to encourage banks to increase savings interest rates. Thanks to a reduced tax rate, the net return on the issuance of the government bond was higher than that of any savings account. In the meantime, many banks have raised savings rates or are planning to do so.

In the news: According to L’Echo the Federal Debt Agency plans the issuance of a new government bond. That’s scheduled for December 4, with the registration period starting November 23.

Term of one year?

Remarkable: It is not yet certain whether the term will also be one year this time.

  • During the previous issue, the government opted for a short term in order to compete with savings accounts. After all, the intention was to put the banks under d

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