From radiator foil to door closers: nine simple tips to cut your heating costs | MyGuide

From radiator foil to door closers: nine simple tips to cut your heating costs | MyGuide
From radiator foil to door closers: nine simple tips to cut your heating costs | MyGuide

Mining energyEvery little bit helps: it’s a cliché, but it applies more than ever to the energy bill of our home. During the recent energy crisis, even the smallest measure quickly resulted in a benefit of several tens to hundreds of euros. has therefore collected a series of easy, often dirt-cheap measures that will reduce your energy costs.

By Kurt Deman, in collaboration with Mijnenergie

07-11-23, 13:10

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1. Adjust your heating boiler correctly

In many homes the boiler is set to a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius or higher, while a boiler temperature of 60 – and in well-insulated houses even 55 – degrees is sufficient. You can adjust the temperature on the boiler yourself or ask your installer during boiler maintenance.

Want to get started yourself? Here you will find instructional videos per brand and boiler type that will help you get started.

2. Use the sunlight

However logical this tip may be, many families still close all curtains on cold but sunny days. Especially with sun-facing windows, it is a good idea to let in as much sun as possible. When you come home from work in the evening, the temperature in the living room can quickly be several degrees higher. It is best to close roller shutters on the sides of the house that barely receive any sunlight.

3. Bleed the radiators

Do you hear the heating ticking or the water flowing through the pipes? Then air in the pipes probably causes the hot water to circulate less well. In that case, bleed the radiator with a special key.

Leakage consumption represents up to 12 percent of our annual energy bill: this is how you approach it.

4. Attach radiator foil

Radiator foil against the wall behind the radiator reflects the heat radiation. According to the Dutch information organization Milieu Centraal, this results in a saving of 8.30 euros per year per square meter of radiator foil.

5. Provide door closers

Especially in homes with children, many doors remain open unnecessarily. You mount a door closer at the top of the door. The technology ensures that the door closes automatically after opening.

Save 200 euros and more: emeritus professor Alex Van den Bossche has been tracking ghost consumption in his home for many years.

6. Seal seams and cracks

Drafts easily find their way through windows, doors and cracks in the walls. On cold days with a lot of wind, you may notice these cold bridges yourself. In addition, experts also detect heat leaks using infrared thermal photos or other test equipment.

However, to avoid draughts, a limited investment may be sufficient. In many cases, draft strips, draft strips or even the classic draft brush/dog make a clear difference. A sealant from the do-it-yourself store also offers relief.

7. Insulate heating pipes

In many homes, heat is unnecessarily lost through the pipes. Some of the heat that you want to use in the living room then disappears into the garage, attic or crawl space. With pipe insulation you can tackle that problem quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

8. Monitor your energy consumption

Many energy suppliers offer useful applications to monitor your energy consumption. The more advanced applications help you detect idle consumption. If you notice that a device consumes an excessive amount of power, a replacement may be advisable.

How do you get the most out of your digital meter? What you definitely need to know.

9. Analyze your energy contract

A study by energy regulator CREG shows that many families have the more expensive energy contracts on the market. Due to the energy crisis of the past year and the large price differences between suppliers, it is advisable to regularly examine energy prices via a price comparator, such as – you guessed it –

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