Are you considering or have a smart TV? This way you can watch your favorite series and films cheaply and smartly MyGuide

Are you considering or have a smart TV? This way you can watch your favorite series and films cheaply and smartly MyGuide
Are you considering or have a smart TV? This way you can watch your favorite series and films cheaply and smartly MyGuide

IndependentMore and more people are opting to watch television without using a decoder. On a smart TV, you install the necessary apps to still watch your favorite programs. You can save a lot of money this way. Please note: in that case it becomes all the more crucial to choose the right formula, where you have sufficient data and sufficiently fast internet. looked for the cheapest subscriptions that meet both conditions.

By Lisa Meyers, in collaboration with Independer

06-11-23, 19:31


What is a smart TV?

Such a device, unlike a ‘classic’ television, is connected to the internet. That opens up a world of possibilities. You can download apps such as Netflix, VTM GO, Disney+, Streamz or YouTube, and if that offer is enough for you, you no longer need a TV subscription at all. If you still want to keep a (limited) number of familiar channels on your screen, you should look for a telecom subscription that includes a formula for television.

Still a fan of the classic TV decoder?
Sufficient comparisons can give you a significant advantage.

Why an app instead of a decoder?

The reason why you exchange a decoder for a TV app is the monthly savings on your bill. After all, there is no point in paying for channels you don’t watch. Telenet, Orange and Proximus offer those viewers a subscription without a decoder, with which you can still watch television on your smartphone, tablet, PC or smart TV. The number of channels on those apps varies between 14 and 32.

You can assume that you can save about ten euros every month, although it can also be more expensive if you pay extra for extra (special) channels. You decide that yourself.

Keep your internet connection secure: you can be held liable if a crime is committed via your WiFi.

What do you need to watch TV via an app?

You need fast internet and enough data to stream worry-free.

But what does it mean ‘fast internet’ in this case? Various factors play a role in that decision, such as how many devices are connected to the internet at the same time and what video quality you choose to stream something. With various apps you can adjust the latter to your preference.

For most households, a download speed of 100 Mbps is ideal. This allows you to watch high-resolution television on several screens at the same time. If your family members watch on different screens at the same time in a very high resolution such as 4K, you need even faster internet to really feel comfortable.

If you only have one device connected to the internet, a download speed of 25 Mbps should normally suffice. But you won’t find such a slow internet in any telecom formula today.

Lined up: the top 10 internet subscriptions with the fastest download speed.

What about ‘enough data’? This is where video quality really becomes important. If you opt for high quality (1080p), as many people do, you will soon use 3 GB per hour for Netflix, for example. If you watch in 4K, count on 7 GB per hour. According to Netflix, for ‘standard definition’ (720p) you use up to 1 GB per hour. Android Authority also tested how much you use when streaming a low-quality (480p) video, and it turned out to be 200 to 350 MB per hour.

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