Start-up wins Amazon as its first customer

Start-up wins Amazon as its first customer
Start-up wins Amazon as its first customer

Limburg entrepreneurs Jos Duchamps (Procos Group) and Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Segers are jointly starting the company Brains & Trees, an international training center for professionals in facility management. The start-up’s first customer is not the least: Amazon.

Jos Duchamps is Managing Director of Procos Group (Corda Campus), active in the design of pleasant working environments. He was also the first Belgian ever to be Director of IFMA, the international trade association for facility managers, which has 24,000 members worldwide.

To establish Brains & Trees, he formed a duo with Jean-Pierre Segers from Tongeren, known as a manager and professor at various training institutions in Limburg and Liège. Together they will set up training programs to train professionals in facility management at an international level (EMEA region).

“Facility management (FM) plays a crucial role in optimizing space use and cost savings, improved productivity and sustainability,” says Jos Duchamps. “It is important for companies and organizations to implement efficient facility management to achieve their goals. The challenges are numerous in a rapidly changing world. That is why we focus on knowledge to create new and hybrid working environments that contribute to the well-being of the staff.”

Brains & Trees will work closely with IFMA and act for them as an ‘Education Training Affiliate’. “In addition, a wide range of professional training courses and master classes are marketed in domains such as strategy, leadership, innovation, business modeling, new technologies, sustainability, stakeholder management, etc.,” says Jean-Pierre Segers.

Brains & Trees’ first customer is none other than Amazon. “We will provide a multi-day training for the facility managers of their European headquarters in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. A reference that counts!”

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