New library in Nieuwland opened with balloons and books

New library in Nieuwland opened with balloons and books
New library in Nieuwland opened with balloons and books

A new branch of the library opened its doors in the Nieuwland district on Wednesday afternoon. Much needed according to program leader Monique Verweijmeren: “There is a lot of low literacy in Nieuwland.”

Children and their parents were warmly welcomed in the new location of the library, which is located in the ‘Kansenfabriek’. Alderman for low literacy Petra Zwang was present to address the interested parties. “Being able to read and write is very important to participate.” said the alderman.

Much needed in Newland

Low literacy is a major problem in Schiedam and certainly also in the Nieuwland district. It is therefore very important, according to the library, that action is taken there. They are committed to making residents aware of the new location. “All schools in Nieuwland know that we are here. We’ve given them all flyers and our education specialists come to those schools every week.”

Last cents

Recently, the library has been making more costs because they have to rent the space in the Nieuwe Harg from the Frankeland group. This is due to problems with funding. “We are now beginning to reach the end of what else we can open,” says program leader Monique Verweijmeren. “Compared to other libraries in the country, we are generously allocated by the municipality. The municipality is aware of the major low literacy problem in Schiedam. We are still incredibly happy with the grant we are getting.”

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