Bib instead of bookshop: a saving of 100 euros

Bib instead of bookshop: a saving of 100 euros
Bib instead of bookshop: a saving of 100 euros

Why not the library instead of the bookstore? — © Getty Images

From sky-high energy prices to historic inflation: life is rapidly becoming more expensive. The good news is that with small interventions we can have more and more impact on our wallet. That is why Gazet van Antwerpen gives a handy saving tip every day. Use it to your advantage!

An average Flemish household spends 130 euros annually on books, according to a survey by Statbel from 2020. You can impress guests with a well-stocked bookcase in your living room, but have you really read all the books in that cupboard? And are there many books that you have picked up a second time? You can experience the same reading pleasure through the library for a fraction of the amount you spend in the bookstore.

The price of a library membership varies: in Antwerp it is free up to the age of 26, then 15 euros per year. In Mechelen, people over 18 pay 10 euros, in Turnhout 6 euros and in Rumst 5 euros. Subtract those membership cards from the average family budget and you’re still saving about $100 a year.

The library is also a saving mecca in more ways than one. You will find CDs and DVDs there, you can download free e-books on the website and you can work or study there so that the heating at home can be turned off.


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