World First Aid Day: Luc Van de Velde launched the idea for the picture book ‘Caution Viktor!’ (Lochristi)

A cheerful book with tips in case of minor accidents, for everyone who likes to be ready for others. With a nice song by Eva De Roovere — © if


Luc Van de Velde, founder of the training center ‘Flanders First Aid’, launched the idea to write and draw a book about the basic principles of first aid intended for toddlers and preschoolers. ‘Caution Viktor!’ has been lying around for about three weeks now. in the bookstore.

Today is World First Aid Day, like every second Saturday in September. The moment to put the spotlight on aid workers who selflessly save countless lives, in a race against time and against disaster. Luc Van De Velde from the Bosstraat in Lochristi is right in the eye of the storm with ‘First Aid Flanders’, a training center for first aid that collaborates with schools, companies and organizations. But Luc is also known as an ’emergency doctor’, his role in ‘Real stories, the Neighborhood Police’. It brought him into contact with two of his fellow actors, Tim Ost and Peter Schoenaerts, who supported his idea to publish a picture book about first aid.

“Colleague Tim from ‘De Buurtpolitie’ is a nurse in AZ Damiaan Ostend and has also received a design training”, says Luc. “Peter is a publisher at Boeklyn publishing house. And so the puzzle was quickly put together: I spoke to both of them about my idea around the book to bring children into contact with first aid in a playful and imaginative way. Kim Koelewijn – clinical child and youth psychologist by training – was immediately won over by our idea. She found it a useful subject, with which she could go in so many directions and where she could also give tips. For the illustrations we turned to Daniëlle Schothorst, who has been illustrating her own children’s books for years and also made animations for ‘Sesame Street.’

Last year Luc Van de Velde (back in the center) organized a food collection campaign for the victims of the floods in Wallonia. With the men of ‘De Buurtpolitie’ — © ghl

In the end ‘Caution Viktor’ has become a beautiful picture book, in which the main character Viktor himself plays as a doctor. His favorite hugs are the patients and they are all missing something different. Fortunately, Viktor has a first aid kit full of things to help them with. The book is also full of tips for minor accidents. It also includes a free downloadable coloring page and a song sung by Eva De Roovere.

“Careful Viktor!” by Kim Koelewijn and Daniëlle Schothorst from Boeklyn publishers costs 19.95 euros in the bookstore. ISBN 9789463882736. You can access the song and other downloads via

The article is in Dutch

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