Dirk Decuypere writes book about 150 years of fire service in Moorslede

Dirk Decuypere writes book about 150 years of fire service in Moorslede
Dirk Decuypere writes book about 150 years of fire service in Moorslede

The Moorsleedse fire brigade exists 150 years. That anniversary was celebrated extensively with, among other things, a fire brigade party, fire brigade without borders and numerous demonstrations. Secretary Dirk Decuypere also wrote a book on the occasion of the 150th anniversary. “The book tells our fire brigade story, but also shows that it is not easy to be a partner of a firefighter.”

The Moorslede fire brigade was received on Friday evening in the town hall of Moorslede on the occasion of its one and a half century existence. Mayor Ward Vergote (Vision) handed the fire brigade a souvenir after which a busy weekend with many activities started. For example, the fire brigade organized a party and on Sunday there was a bike ride and a fire brigade without borders. “150 years of fire service is something special. We couldn’t just let that pass. The fire service has undergone enormous evolution over the years. For example, we used to live next to the town hall for years,” said Postmaster Filip Louagie.

He finds it particularly remarkable that for six generations a group of people from the municipality has ensured the safety of the residents. “But we are more than an emergency service. We are an association between the people.”

Newspaper becomes book

In the run-up to the festivities, the fire brigade released its own Pompiergazette. Secretary Dirk Decuypere wrote down a short history of the fire service in the newspaper. “To be honest, I only started in May, but through the local history circle, the municipal archive and through former firefighters I obtained so much information that I could write a book about the fire service myself.” No sooner said than done. Dirk has been getting into his pen over the past few months. “The end result is a tribute to the local fire brigade.” All firefighters in those 150 years are mentioned in it, but also the evolution within the fire service is clearly explained. “The material has evolved enormously. Did you know, for example, that people used to have to call the number 44 when there was a fire?” The book also includes some old documents. Even invoices, which were made years ago as a result of a fire service intervention, can be found in it. Dirk has not included specific incidents in the book. “Out of respect for possible victims.”

“It is not obvious to be a partner of a firefighter or woman”

With his book, Dirk also wants to put the firefighters’ partners in the spotlight. “It is certainly not obvious to be a partner of a firefighter or woman. I have run away from the table several times. Not only the firefighters, but also their partners deserve a lot of respect.”

The book ‘History of 150 years of the Moorslede fire service 1872 – 2022 People make the fire service’ is available for 19 euros via Dirk. The proceeds are donated to the non-profit organization Pinocchio, which is committed to children and young people with burns.

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