Book of the Month: The Little Wooden Robot and the Trunk Princess

An adventurous fairy tale, rich in language with illustrations that appeal to the imagination. That is what the jury of the Sardes-Leespluim says about the children’s book ‘The little wooden robot and the tree trunk princess’. This book will receive the Reading Plume of the Month for September.

An exciting, surprising and moving story about perseverance, friendship and caring for each other. Rich in language, with imaginative illustrations reminiscent of illustrations from Russian fairy tales. That is what the jury says about the book ‘The little wooden robot and the tree trunk princess’, which will receive the Sardes Reading Plume in September.

The story

The book cover reads: “The king and queen have two children: a small wooden robot from the inventor and an enchanted tree trunk princess from the witch. Every night, the princess turns back into an ordinary tree trunk. She can only be awakened with the spell “Wake up, little log, wake up”. The two are inseparable until the sleeping tree trunk princess is accidentally taken. Her brother sets out to bring her home safely. Together they experience many wonderful adventures.

And in the jury report: ‘Under a starry night sky we see them walking: the little wooden robot and the tree trunk princess. They walk hand in hand, with a smile on their faces, through a forest where everything seems a bit ‘woody’ and mysterious. The mushrooms, the key to the branch, the ghost behind the tree, the faceless fairy, the hunter with the gun, the books on the rock, the ax against a closed chest and a castle, mountains and towers in the background. It is immediately clear: this is going to be an adventurous fairy tale.’


This story comes into its own when read aloud in the group. ‘Children can come up with the adventures that the Prince and Princess experience along the way and which are only briefly depicted and named in the book. Where did the giant’s key come from? Who is the old woman in the bottle? What were the hunters arguing about? All inspiration for new fairytale stories with the little wooden robot and the tree trunk princess as main characters.’

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Looking for even more inspiration for this story? Then view the activities, developed by Esther Hoonhoud of Sardes. For example, talk about the topic of tools, or work together to build a robot.

Book Details

The Little Wooden Robot and the Trunk Princess
Author: Tom Gauld
Translation: Tjibbe Veldkamp
Publisher: Lannoo . Publishers
From approx. 5 years

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