Ottolenghi announces new cookbook Comfort (and visits Amsterdam!)


Great news for all Yotam Ottolenghi fans! The popular one chef has announced his highly anticipated new cookbook, Comfort called. And this promises to be another very special book; with more than 100 recipes, but also many stories about his youth. That is why he calls this new book his ‘most personal’ next to his book Jerusalem (from 2013).

The books Simpel and Flavor have become indispensable in many households (they also adorn my cookbook shelf and Simpel received the award of Best Cookbook of All Time in 2023), but this one promises to be just as much of a hit. I bought it after visiting his restaurant NOPI in London, which I highly recommend: it is a beautiful place, but the food was so special. Surprising combinations, and so, so tasty. Highly recommended if you are in London, although I also hear good stories about his other restaurant ROVI (also in London).

Comfort food à la Ottolenghi

As the name suggests, this new book is all about comfort food, but with an Ottolenghi sauce on top. One dish I’m particularly curious about is the ‘cheesy bread soup’ — doesn’t that sound heavenly? But caramelized onion orecchiette with hazelnut and (crispy) sage also sounds fantastic. Ottolenghi wants with Comfort reinventing classic dishes. So no standard pizzas, pastas and casseroles; but different food that makes you happy, with surprising combinations.

Ottolenghi comes to Amsterdam

And a cookbook like Comfort of course it has to be promoted, and yes: he will also do that in Amsterdam. And only the best of the best is good enough for a chef like Ottolenghi, which is why he will attend the AFAS Live on November 12. The year may have only just started, but tickets are already on sale via this link. It will undoubtedly be a special evening, especially if you dinner seats reservations, which give access to a dinner prior to the AFAS Live.

Comfort is on sale from September 5, 2024, and you can already pre-order it in English via this site.

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