‘Do Tell’ voted Marketing Book of the Year in Belgium!

‘Do Tell’ voted Marketing Book of the Year in Belgium!
‘Do Tell’ voted Marketing Book of the Year in Belgium!

For three weeks, Belgian marketing professionals were given the opportunity to cast their vote for their most impactful marketing book of 2023. The figures show that voting was done diligently. No fewer than 4,200 people cast their votes this year. And the Belgian marketing sector has spoken loudly: Do Tell can call itself Marketing Book of the Year for a whole year.

“It is sometimes thought that marketers are only concerned with growing their company,” explains proud co-author Ann Maes. “It is therefore great to see that from all the beautiful books nominated by BAM, the marketing professionals chose a book that demonstrates their social responsibility. We are very happy with this.”

More about the book Do tell

How do you communicate about your efforts regarding sustainable entrepreneurship today and tomorrow? Do you do that loudly, quietly or not at all? Is staying under the radar a smart way to keep critical voices quiet? Or are you silently missing a golden opportunity to convey your brand story? How to approach marketing and communication about sustainability is often still a big question mark among professionals. In Do tell, four experienced marketing and communications experts answer these questions. With their step-by-step plan, they help companies and organizations create an authentic, credible and supported sustainability story and communicate successfully about their sustainability efforts.

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About the authors

Bringing brands and consumers closer together again. Bart Lombaerts wakes up every morning with that mission. As Head of Content at SPYKE, he helps brands to offer added value to their consumers. He also inspires the marketing world with books and training courses.

Ann Maes has built an international career building and protecting the reputation of people, brands and organizations. As managing partner of FLRISH, she works for world-renowned and tiny players who make a profit by making the world a better place.

Preaching and practicing content is the double life of Chris Van Gils, who, as Content Architect and owner of ContentMoon, designs and realizes content plans and, as a teacher-program director at AP Hogeschool Antwerp, teaches about content marketing and sustainable stories.

Thinking, measuring, doing and sharing. The four keywords in the life of Frederik Picard, who, as managing partner of Reputations and marketing teacher at AP University of Applied Sciences Antwerp, is busy building brands every day.

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