Three book tips for you and your friends


Cato Beljaars chooses What I talk about when I talk about running by Haruki Murakami.

“In addition to writing bestsellers, Murakami runs 10 kilometers every day. He wrote down his reflections on running in diary form. You walk with him through the outdoor gardens of Tokyo, and from Athens to Marathon. This book is about discipline, routine and perseverance. “Most of what I know about writing I learned by running every day,” he says.”

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Author Diane Broeckhoven introduces Oek de Jong and Man without a driver’s license for.

“In Man without a driver’s license Oek de Jong describes a late calling: obtaining his driver’s license, something he always put off due to a childhood trauma. The driving lessons in the (young) world that is strange to him take him like a road trip through a changing Amsterdam, which is also a source of childhood memories. A wonderful memoir in a beautiful language.”

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Crime author Dieter Rogiers opts for Life with a hole in it by Philip Larkin.

“Larkin’s poems sometimes read like the work of an inveterate curmudgeon. Yet they are surprisingly playful and witty. His poetry is unadulterated but accessible jazz, which cleverly jams about everything that may or may not matter: sex, politics, religion. More people need to read Larkin, if you ask me.”

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The article is in Dutch

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