Beringen – ‘The art of being happy’

Beringen – ‘The art of being happy’
Beringen – ‘The art of being happy’

The Beringse Valerie Claes is known as a book blogger and is now making her debut with a book: The art of being happy. The story combines feel-good elements with realistic elements such as mental health. Valerie Vaes (1997) has been writing about books on various platforms for a long time and has developed a preference for the feel-good genre in recent years. During the day she works with numbers as a teacher at Spectrum College Beringen, but in the evening she takes up her pen to write stories.
‘The art of being happy’ is her debut. “Emma is a young woman in her thirties who seems to have it all together. Her agenda is full of work appointments, cooking classes, volunteer work and other tasks, so that she lives up to the ideal image expected of her. When a sudden event turns her life upside down , Emma discovers that she does not have everything under control after all. She finds it increasingly difficult to pretend that everything is going perfectly, to the point that it threatens her happiness” Valerie will be present at the book festival of the Beringse library in collaboration with Radio Benelux.
The book is published by Hamley Books, costs €22.99 and is now for sale online or in bookstores.

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