‘AI painter’ DALL-E can extend existing paintings beyond the frame

‘AI painter’ DALL-E can extend existing paintings beyond the frame
‘AI painter’ DALL-E can extend existing paintings beyond the frame

The software DALL-E from research group OpenAI was already able to create digital paintings based on commands, for example ‘Donald Trump as the Nirvana Nevermind baby’. Now the system with artificial intelligence (AI) can also extend existing works, completely in the same style. That function is called ‘Outpainting’.

DALL-E then ‘thinks up’ what could be outside the framework of the existing work, based on what can be seen. The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer is placed by DALL-E in a more spacious room, surrounded by cupboards, plants, things and other objects. All of this was generated by DALL-E in the style of Vermeer, with matching colors and lighting.

Man and machine work together

The human hand is still necessary for the desired result. DALL-E may imitate well, but artificial intelligence does not have its own artistic vision. The ‘Milkmaid 2.0’ was created by digital artist August Kamp. The video below shows how Kamp uses DALL-E’s new feature to expand the Girl with a Pearl Earring piece by piece.

Kamp places a square on the spot she wants to expand. Kamp then describes in words to DALL-E what she wants to see in the new piece. DALL-E generates that proposal in the style of the image. Kamp then assesses whether that new piece is satisfactory – if not, she makes another attempt.

Others have already deployed the Outpainting feature to, for example, de

by Da Vinci, or the well-known portrait of on a rearing horse. But other well-known images can also be expanded. The landscape around the for example, or the iconic on Abbey Road.

No arbitrariness, but stylish

The distinguishing factor of Outpainting is that DALL-E ensures that the new pieces of the image connect seamlessly to the existing pieces. That makes the images a lot more realistic than when DALL-E gets to work completely randomly.

DALL-E is officially still in a testing phase, but it offers access to more than a million users. They are allowed to generate 50 free images first, then 15 free images every month. If you want to continue after that, you have to pay $ 15 per 115 new images.

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