Francis and Jules are almost ready for the sixteenth edition of Music & Art in the Garden (video)

Francis and Jules are almost ready for the sixteenth edition of Music & Art in the Garden (video)
Francis and Jules are almost ready for the sixteenth edition of Music & Art in the Garden (video)

On Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September, visitors will enjoy the inspiring, surprising and tasty combination of art, music and garden at 8 Nieuwstraat in Nederweert. You do not have to pay an entrance fee on Saturday 3 September. The exhibition will then be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Sunday, September 4, the entrance fee is €5. Francis Bruekers and Jules van Bussel are almost ready. We visited them on Friday morning.

Music & Art in the Garden

Sometimes surprising art is just right in front of you. Gerard van Heugten (Nederweert) is admired for the way in which he captures characteristic buildings in Nederweert (and Weert) in his pen drawings. Wiel Heemskerk (Tegelen) uses the past in a different way. Old tools or parts of old tools, often combined with photographs or ceramic objects, give shape to his art of assemblage. Deep or witty, but always resourceful. Painter Anja Massee (Ospel) bases her work on a state of mind. She works with pigments and egg yolks, thus creating a transparent and abstract image, with the human being and his feelings as the centre. Also for Willem Berkers (Son en Breugel) people and their beauty and experiences are the starting point for his work. He paints, makes objects and works with bronze. Pien’s images are a direct reference to man and his personal situation. The work of ceramist Ineke Snoek-Terlouw (Dirksland / South Holland) is characterized by the cartoon-like design of situations from everyday reality.

Cartoonism makes way for surrealism with a touch of dark fantasy in the drawings by Roy Kessels (Hoensbroek). In his drawings he gives a very personal view of the world. Each drawing is a discovery in itself. The bronze objects by Peter van Veggel (Tegelen) surprise with their somewhat idiosyncratic execution and theme. Whimsicality combined with human forms characterize his work. The eighth participant is Ben Vollenberg (Saint Antonis). He goes a step further with kiln-formed and self-tinted glass. His glass objects are abstract as well as figurative, geometric and cubist. Often combined with stainless steel or iron. Finally, poems flutter in the wind, written by, among others, the city poet of Meierijstad Rick Terwindt (Veghel). Together with a few other poets, he articulated the project ‘Dat What Stays’ about 200 years of the Zuid-Willemsvaart, a floating and interactive art project by visual artist Monique Broekman from Den Bosch.

Live music September 4th
On Sunday 4 September, two great bands will be on stage again this year. The Jamm Session Band Join In will perform from 1.30 pm. You can participate! Followed by the festival band par excellence: BrassTa! You can’t stop there. That calls for dance and joy.

New Orleans Style Gumbo Meal: For Everyone!
The live music on Sunday, September 4 is reminiscent of the street bands in New Orleans. That includes gumbo food. Visitors who have registered are allowed to join. Gumbo stands for delicious stews based on the ethnic mix from New Orleans. With French, African, Spanish and Indian influences.

The sixteenth edition of Music & Art in the Garden takes place at Nieuwstraat 8 in Nederweert.

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