WRK Architecten designs a block with 175 homes on Vlaardingenlaan

WRK Architecten designs a block with 175 homes on Vlaardingenlaan
WRK Architecten designs a block with 175 homes on Vlaardingenlaan
A block with 175 homes designed by WRK Architects is being built on Vlaardingenlaan in Amsterdam. The block consists of four volumes around a courtyard. In addition to housing, there will be catering and other commercial functions in the block.

The U-shaped block is being built opposite the Lieven housing project. The block is materialized in two shades of masonry. The individual building parts differ from each other in aspects such as height, layout of the facade, terminations and negge dimensions. The highest volume forms a corner accent at the intersection with Overschiestraat.

The various building parts surround a courtyard, which was designed by Atelier Loos van Vliet. The sloping courtyard will have a green design with meandering paths and a water feature. The facades around the courtyard are clad with wood from the first to the fourth floor; the appearance of these facades differs per building section.

Temporary noise barrier
Because the adjacent plot will be developed at a later stage, a noise barrier will temporarily be erected at the rear of the block. A ‘patchwork’ of open and closed parts is created on a light steel construction, which matches the rhythm of the facades.

The wooden parts of the screen will be covered with vegetation, and nest boxes will also be placed on the northern side of the screen. These will be retained after the completion of the adjacent plot.

The block is located in the Sloterstrip and is part of the redevelopment of the Schinkelkwartier. Eighty percent of the homes are in social and mid-range rentals. The Spatial Quality Committee of the municipality of Amsterdam tests the design against the aesthetics memorandum. Once the final design has been approved, the developer can submit the building application, reports WRK Architecten.

The clients for the project are NEOO and Maxy Holding.

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