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Every Sunday De Orkaan posts a ‘photo time travel’. Bert Versteeg recreates the location of an old photo or postcard. Sometimes completely unrecognizable, sometimes only a single house has been spared, and sometimes almost nothing has changed.

We put the photos together for comparison and make a ‘slider’ so that you can compare the two even better. Photographer Cees Christian went one step further with the last three episodes: he ingeniously pasted them over each other.

See the result below. First the Noordervaartdijk in Krommenie. In the slideshow, first the postcard from 1916, then the 2023 photo by Bert Versteeg and then the combination photo by Cees Christiani. We took the fourth photo by removing the color and making it a 100 percent sepia photo.

Below the combination photo of the corner Marktstraat-KrommenieërwegWormerveer: postcard from the 1920s, Bert Versteeg made the 2023 version and Cees Christiani the combination.

Under the combination photo0 of it Papenpad (postcard over 100 old, 2023 photo Bert Versteeg, edited by Cees Christiani) by color playback taken by De Orkaan.

Look at here all photo time travel.

By Piet Bakker, photo: Orkaan archive and Bert Versteeg, edited by Cees Christiani.

The article is in Dutch

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